Vinyl Lettering

Self Adhesive Vinyl Lettering & Graphics is another alternative to creating a finish for a sign surface. This is achieved by computer cutting any shape (including lettering) from sheets of self adhesive coloured vinyl and applying it to the intended sign. This form of signage can provided a more economical alternative where signage with less information and complexity are required.

It is commonly used for such signage as Vehicles, Boats, Motor Bikes, Jet Skis, Honour Boards, Menu Boards, Labelling, Direction Signs, Street Signs & Business Hours Window Signs.

Non Printable Vinyl Media. There is a large range of vinyl types and colours to choose from. Our most commonly used vinyls have a exterior UV life of 7 years. For more economical alternatives we have other vinyls ranging from 2 to 5 years.

We also have a variety of speciality vinyls that we can make into lettering & graphics:

Reflective Vinyls (exterior UV life of 7 years)

Metallic Vinyls (exterior UV life of 5 years)

Fluorescent Vinyls (exterior UV life of 2 Years)

Mirrored Foils (exterior UV life of 2 years)

Printable Vinyl Media. We can also use the printable self adhesive vinyls to print on any design of your choice and then cut them as highly decorated vinyl lettering and graphics. This would be ideal to use on a vehicle where you want the paintwork to show through around lettering but to also have the impact of a fancy printed design.

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